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Beauty is everywhere. And when looking through the lens, you get real close to beauty. It creates a kind of devotion to nature. It feels like my mission to share this beauty. Let us give you a smile from within - that's the goal when taking every picture: ollow our Facebook or Instagram page for regular updates. There is a specific page on Instagram and Facebook dedicated to Bohan and surroundings.

For an additional, regular, extra smile! And if you want the rights to a picture, need a high resolution, or a print - on anything. Let me know. It permits me to keep sharing my work! This text is already too long. So lot's of pictures below.

PS: Photography is a passion - do you want a special moment or place made memorable through pictures I take? Or do you want a generic moment be made immortal by memorable (I do my best) pictures? Just contact me.

Forrests - and the beauty of Bohan and surroundings. Ever changing.

Through the seasons - and every year. Different. Breathing. Living.

Birds - there is something extra beautiful about them.

Certainly when caught in flight!

Landscapes. Stable. Unchanging. But still - so fragile and changing.

Photoshoots - Indoors and Outdoors - On Location or Here

Black and White!

Watching the sea. Repetitive and still, every wave is different.
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And what about dronephoto's and

Yes we can!

Looking at things a different way. Is a helpful technique in life.

And gives surprising results.

A little different...

Looking closer. Closer. Closer! Also there: beauty!

Visual Storytelling Adventure

Your visual story teller

Capturing the essence of Bohan and the Belgian Ardennes through my lens. A blend of nature's beauty and candid event moments woven into each picture in my photography journey. Contact me if you want to immortalize your precious places and moment.

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